COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the way we work — and that includes how we interview for that work. While remote job interviews are nothing new, they’re now the norm as companies grapple with reopening. As we prepare for them, there are a few important things that we should bear in mind, according to career coach Dr. Dawn Graham.

Of course, the standard things that you’d do to prepare yourself for any interview haven’t changed — you should still research the organization and your prospective role there, use LinkedIn to see what the people who used to work in that position are doing now, and prepare questions for your interviewer or interviewers.

“But something that’s new with video is you, the candidate, are now responsible for setting up the environment,” points out Graham, a Philadelphia-based author and career expert. “You’re used to going into an office where the environment is already prepared, and you don’t have a lot of control. One of the things we have to recognize as job seekers is the environment setup is now half up to us, and we really have to take that seriously.”

How to ace your next online job interview