You’ve been invited in for an interview at a company you’re jazzed about. The opportunity is a perfect fit for your experience and expertise, and the pay is on par with your salary expectations. You’ve laid out your power outfit and you’re ready to woo them — but if you haven’t spent time researching the company, you’re missing the mark. While studying up on a company used to only mean glancing over their website, these days, there are plenty of other avenues that hold important information. As career expert Wendi Weiner explains, the internet is a playground for helpful insight that could put you a step above other candidates who don’t do their due diligence. Not only will you be prepared for anything they toss your way but you will definitely come across as uber-prepared when you can reference your research. Here, a guide on how to truly prep:

Google, Google, and Google some more

If you’ve been single in the digital age or ever matched with a could-be partner online, you know how search engines are for your anxiety. With a few quick terms, you can figure out plenty about people, places and of course, businesses. That’s why Weiner advises Googling your potential employer and reading through the first five pages of results. “You want to know how the company is poised online as well as what others say about the company,” she explains. “Seek out as much info and investigative research as possible to see what’s out there about the company.” Keep track of your progress and bookmark what’s most interesting, so you can study before you head into the interview.

6 ways you must research a company before an interview