Job interviews can be an intimidating experience. When the interview takes place over the phone, it can be even trickier. Awkward silences seem to be magnified, and you can’t rely on the interviewer’s body language to judge the atmosphere. How can you ace that interview when you have no visual clue?

You can turn the situation to your advantage if you use the conditions wisely. For example, try creating a cheat sheet ahead of the interview. It’s always good advice to research the company before you meet, but in the case of a phone interview, you can keep your notes by your side while you talk. They’ll never know!

The phone element also gives you the advantage of invisibility. You can choose whether to wear clothes that make you comfortable or ones that make you feel professional. Try standing up while you’re on the phone – it’s been proven to help you cultivate a more powerful attitude.

Our new infographic gives the complete lowdown to take advantage of the special circumstances of the phone interview.

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