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Posted on October 10th, 2019
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Brownsville’s Salinas leading Dallas ISD athletics
Silvia Salinas says she will always be a hometown girl from Brownsville, regardless if she has risen to one of the highest positions in Dallas ISD as executive director of athletics.

“I am very proud to be from Brownsville, and I always will be because my background has helped me become who I am,” said Salinas, who has worked in the Dallas ISD athletic department since 2004 and was promoted to its top athletic post earlier this school year.

The 1989 Hanna graduate, born and raised in Brownsville, has become the first woman to hold the position.

Her new role involves responsibility as the one supervising the athletic programs at 22 high schools and 32 middle schools in Dallas ISD. Brownsville’s Salinas
New Ft. Worth ISD Executive Director, Bilingual and ESL

Congratulations to Cloris Rangel who recently was appointed as the new Executive Director for Bilingual and ESL education in the Ft. Worth ISD. She previously served as the Director of Dual Language Programs in Dallas ISD.
Chief Internal Auditor appointed in Ft. Worth ISD
Aaron Muñoz, who most recently served as a Compliance Officer for Dallas ISD has been named the new Chief Internal Auditor for Ft. Worth ISD. Felicidades!
This Fort Worth high school will have a ‘special place’ to celebrate music, culture
Seventeen-year-old Cesar Rodriguez knows exactly when the lyrics and notes of a  mariachi  song transcends time to carry an audience into memories.

“They hear a song they haven’t heard since they were younger. You can just see it in their face. The emotion. It can be a sad song and they feel it in their heart,” explained Rodriguez, a senior at Fort Worth’s  North Side High School , where the mariachi program is lifting the school community.
Mariachi is a well-known Mexican style of music that includes expressive Spanish-language vocals, trumpets, guitars, violins and harps. When an audience enjoys a the music, Rodriguez is inspired to keep strumming his Mexican bass guitar, otherwise called  guitarrón .

Rodriguez is one of about 20 students who make up  Mariachi Espuelas de Plata , an award-winning ensemble that has performed in Europe and Carnegie Hall. The high school’s mariachi program , which began in the 1980s, has more than 200 students and continues to grow.

HISPANIC HERITAGE: East Texas students celebrate storytelling
Storytelling serves many purposes in Hispanic culture.

Storytelling is used to preserve history and teach lessons to younger generations. Stories can also inspire people to do their best.

Carolina Quiroga, also known as Carolina Storyteller, recently visited with East Texas students to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. She is a professional bilingual storyteller who shares myths, legends, and mysteries.

“I was super excited! I really wanted to know all of these new stories,” Claudio Rodriguez, a fifth-grader at Peete Elementary in Tyler says.

Young Audiences Arts for Learning Northeast Texas recently brought in Quiroga to share her stories with Tyler students at multiple schools. Children were fascinated as they listened to “Carolina Storyteller.”
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Dallas ISD

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  • Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator (Education Specialist V)
  • Senior Database Developer (Programmer V)
  • Compliance Manager (Manager IV)
  • Director of English Learner Support (Director III)
  • Review and Support Specialist – Austin (Program Specialist VI)
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When you learn how to network, it doesn’t just improve your career — it improves your personal life too. The best networkers don’t just have amazing businesses and careers, they have amazing friendships and are always at the front of the line for new opportunities. I’m going to give you step-by-step networking tips to improving your skills.

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National News
More than 140 businesses call on Supreme Court to protect Dreamers
More than 140 businesses and trade associations on Friday filed an amicus brief in support of the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, ahead of a Supreme Court hearing on President Trump’s push to end the program.

Why it matters: Business leaders are making an economic case for the Obama-era policy, which protects more than 700,000 people brought into the country illegally as children from the threat of deportation.

The signatories include corporate heavyweights like Netflix, Ikea, Starbucks, Tesla, Target and Facebook.

Major trade associations like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Retail Federation also signed on.

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Senior VP Deirdre O’Brien signed a brief of their own Wednesday, making the case that diversity drives innovation.
Analysis: Mentoring new teachers can bring up to $1M in ROI over five years

Mentoring programs for new teachers can save districts as much as $1 million over a five-year period because they increase teacher retention rates, according to a return-on-investment analysis of the New Teacher Center’s work in Chicago Public Schools.

Conducted by Metis Associates, a New York City-based research and consulting firm, the calculations also show such support for novice teachers results in additional learning gains for students compared to a control group and could lead to as much as $38,000 in greater lifetime earnings for those students.

The authors also predict long-term returns for school districts as former students pay more in taxes to fund public education. Additional research, they write, is needed on “the value of the changes in school culture and teacher satisfaction, without which, the returns shown here would probably not be possible.”
Here’s what Hispanic Gen Z students want in their future employers — and where they want to work
Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15 through October 15, and younger Hispanic and Latinx Americans are entering the workforce in larger numbers than ever before. Here’s what they’re looking for from their future employers.

Employer branding specialists Universum runs an annual survey of tens of thousands of college students, asking new entrants to the workforce what they are looking for from their future employers.

Universum provided Business Insider an exclusive analysis of which job attributes self-identified Hispanic or Latinx students said were important to them compared with the overall results among all students in the survey.

In the US, the traditional age for college students is between 18 and 22. Using the Pew Research Center’s cutoffs for different generations, the post-millennial Gen Z consists of people born in 1997 or later. That means, as of 2019, the overwhelming majority of traditional college students are in Gen Z.

Why Is Middle School So Hard for So Many People?
Middle school. The very memory of it prompts disgust. Here’s a thing no one’s thinking: Geez, I wish I still looked the way I did when I was 12. Middle school is the worst.

Tweenhood, which starts around age 9, is horrifying for a few reasons. For one, the body morphs in weird and scary ways. Certain parts expand faster than others, sometimes so fast that they cause literal growing pains; hair grows in awkward locations, often accompanied by awkward smells. And many kids face new schools and a new set of rules for how to act, both socially and academically.

But middle school doesn’t have to be like this. It could be okay. It could be good, even. After all, middle schoolers are “kind of the best people on Earth,” says Mayra Cruz, the principal of Oyster-Adams Bilingual School, a public middle school in Washington, D.C.

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