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Texas News
United ISD ranked third in Texas for growth among bilingual students
Among 400 participating school districts across Texas, Laredo’s United Independent School District was nominated as a top 10 finalist by the Summit K12 program and finished in third place for Large Districts of the Year for Growth in Emergent Bilingual Students.

The nominations and rankings were determined in large part by the performance of students in the Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System. Preparation of students for the state evaluation was also a factor.

De Zavala principal didn’t take traditional route to Midland ISD
There are as many unique journeys into education as there are educators, but for De Zavala Elementary’s Javier Aguilera, his path to principalship was like an indie film: outside the mainstream.

Aguilera came to Midland two years ago from El Paso, which he claims as his hometown, though it was only when he was in first grade that his family finally settled down there.

Fort Worth schools superintendent has been on the job for one month. How’s she doing?
In her first month at the helm of the Fort Worth school district, Superintendent Angélica Ramsey has visited more than 30 campuses, quelled outbursts from angry parents during a board meeting and ferreted out problems in the district she says need fixing.

Fort Worth Board President Tobi Jackson said the leader is a “rare and special talent” and that there has been “exceptional communication with internal and external stakeholders” during the first month.

Why All Eyes are Now on the Often Ignored Texas Board of Education Races
All 15 seats are up for grabs in November, and one race in District 7 highlights how critical race theory has become a key issue

As political races go, candidates for the Texas State Board of Education are often overlooked, making their races a perennial wallflower in Texas politics.

But this year, after a seismic conservative shift erupted in local school board races in suburbs across the state, more eyes are on who will be elected to the board that dictates what should be in teachers’ lesson plans in Texas’ 1,200 public school districts.

On Día de los Muertos, communities honor and remember the Uvalde school shooting children and teachers
In a colorful tribute, the curator of Chicago’s National Museum of Mexican Art said, “This tragedy needs to be remembered in some way that has a little bit of hope in it.”

The tweet was just one sentence, but it was heart-wrenching.

“We Should be choosing her Halloween costume together but instead I’m making her an ofrenda,” tweeted Ana Rodriguez, the mother of Maite Rodriguez, 10, who dreamed of becoming a marine biologist and cared about the environment.

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National News
Norwalk schools administrator says Latino award a ‘tribute’ to his parents
James Martinez thinks he has “the best job in the world” as education administrator for counseling and social services for the city’s public schools.

The Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents recently recognized his work with the Latino Administrator of the Year award, but for Martinez, the recognition had more meaning than just a career achievement. 

New Guide Pairs Research and Policy on Recruiting, Retaining Teachers of Color
A new guide offers researchers, policymakers, district and school leaders, and classroom teachers alike insights for engaging in evidence-based policies and other actions that can be taken to meet the urgent need to recruit and retain teachers of color.

The Handbook of Research on Teachers of Color and Indigenous Teachers, co-edited by education scholars Conra D. Gist and Travis J. Bristol, and published in late October by the American Educational Research Association, features new research affirming why more teachers of color are needed in K-12 schools, and, crucially, how to achieve this.

Can Educators and Police Predict the Next School Shooter?
At first-ever national school safety summit, feds say “threat assessment” key to identifying future gunmen. Critics see civil rights nightmare

Every school shooting can be stopped — but educators and police must identify youth with an affinity for violence and spring to action before a single shot is fired.

That’s the message that federal law enforcement officials touted Tuesday during a first-ever National Summit on K-12 School Safety and Security hosted by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, a division of the Department of Homeland Security.

The first Mexican American woman in Congress leaves a legislative legacy focused on children and families
Retiring after three decades, Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard, D-Calif., reflects on the work she’s done and its lasting impact.

As Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard prepares to retire after 30 years in Congress, the California Democrat and first Mexican American woman elected to Congress is reflecting on a trailblazing career and recent recognition for her efforts to advance children’s rights and well-being.

First Latino ‘Sesame Street’ executive producer, Sal Perez, ushers in a new season
“I want people, when they come on to ‘Sesame Street,’ to feel like they belong,” Perez said, as he makes history at the helm of the iconic children’s show.

Sal Perez got his start in “Sesame Street” as a production coordinator in 2006, while he was still a senior in college.

Sixteen years later, Perez, 38, is making history as the beloved children’s show’s first Latino executive producer, ushering in a new season — the show’s 53rd — on Thursday.

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