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Texas News
Region One taps former PSJA superintendent as executive director
The Region One Education Service Center Board of Directors voted to choose Daniel King, former PSJA ISD superintendent, as the area’s new executive director earlier this month.

King will start May 2.

“I would like to thank the Region One Board of Directors and Commissioner Morath for placing their trust in me,” King said in a news release. “I look forward to collaborating with area Superintendents and School Boards and together with the team at Region One to move forward and build upon the foundation that has earned this region’s school systems a stellar reputation. King noted that schools are working to overcome the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Canutillo ISD Named Best in Texas
Canutillo Independent School District was named the Best Small School District in Texas at the 20th annual H-E-B Excellence in Education Awards for its commitment to student achievement through innovative programs, parent and community involvement and professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators.

“Receiving the recognition of the Best Small District in the entire state of Texas is an extraordinary honor,” Canutillo ISD Superintendent of Schools Dr. Pedro Galaviz said. “This distinction is a tribute to our entire district community of administrators, staff, teachers and students. They make us the best district through their service, dedication and willingness to continually raise the bar to achieve greatness.”

Best In Texas! McAllen ISD Named Best Large District In State Awards
McAllen ISD now stands alone at the top after being named the best in Texas.

The district was named the Best Large District in Texas at the 20th annual H-E-B Excellence in Education awards in Austin.

H-E-B awarded McAllen ISD $100,000 as the winner of its top award.

McAllen ISD had a rich representation at Saturday’s awards. The district became a finalist this spring for Best Large District, School Board Leadership and the Rising Star-Elementary category (McAuliffe Elementary teacher Mayela Canales).

Support networks help encourage Latina students in science, tech careers
Walking into her intro to computer science theory class as a freshman at the University of Texas at El Paso, Montserrat Molina felt out of place. The room was full of men, except for three other women besides herself.

“I felt very scared. I was very intimidated,” said Molina, who was majoring in computer science.

Molina said the experience was eye opening. It was the first time she felt like a minority and that she didn’t belong. But she stuck it out and continued to follow her degree plan.

Texas conservatives have set their sights on school libraries. North East ISD’s proactive response concerns parents, students
Texas school districts have faced a wave of book challenges this year as part of a national GOP push to control the way racism and sexuality is framed in public schools. The challenges and critiques have resulted in dozens of book bans and hundreds of re-evaluations of what sits on school library shelves.

San Antonio’s North East Independent School District hasn’t received a single formal book challenge this year, but the district’s administrators took it upon themselves to pull hundreds of books for review. Some parents and students have questioned the district’s motivations and criticized its selections.

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National & International News
In Chicago, a new push to steer more young men of color into teaching
The question came when Khalil Cotton least expected it. He was in summer school, after falling behind at Dyett High School for the Arts during the upheaval of COVID and virtual learning his junior year.

Then, out of the blue, the school’s principal, Cortez McCoy, pulled him aside and asked: Would he consider becoming a teacher? 

Khalil thought back to educators with whom he’d bonded in middle school: A math teacher who made the subject fun even for struggling students. A computer science teacher who cultivated a passion for coding in Khalil and became a “big brother,” that rare person in front of whom the teen allowed himself to cry. 

OPINION: Too many Black and Latino students are ‘academically alone’ in advanced classes
This is a problem we can, and must, fix to unlock opportunities for all children

In high school, I was the only student of color in all but one of my advanced classes. Except for my time on the basketball team and some joyful moments in study hall, I didn’t see my friends from the neighborhood at school.

I created a term to describe this experience: “academically alone.”

School Boards’ Diversity Problem Goes Deeper Than You Realize
With few Black and brown members, some boards have amplified ‘fringe’ voices

Local school boards can now find themselves on the partisan frontlines of the nation’s political battles. They have contended with aggressive, sometimes violent confrontation. They are the targets of organizing efforts by far-right extremists and of controversial new legislation, such as the newly passed Florida measure widely being called the “Don’t Say Gay” law by its opponents.

One thing local school boards can’t claim is that they reflect the diversity of our student bodies. Despite Black and brown students now comprising north of 50 percent of public school enrollment, just 14 percent of school board members identify as people of color. That’s not merely a demographic mismatch, that’s disenfranchisement.

As bilingual programs expand, let’s keep an eye on equity for English learners
The California Department of Education will soon announce the winners of a set of grants to local education agencies including schools, school districts, county offices of education and charter schools expanding or establishing dual language immersion programs.

As these programs increase in popularity, in California and nationally, education leaders, teacher education programs, communities and advocates must ensure English learners are prioritized and adequately served through these programs.

Advancing an equity-oriented science of education
The president of the William T. Grant Foundation sees new opportunities at the other end of unprecedented challenges for U.S. education.

The history of education in the United States is punctuated with exigent moments: points in time when the politics of the era intersect with the reality of schools in ways that demand action. 

In 2022, we have arrived at one of these exigent moments: COVID-19 has introduced massive disruptions to learning, further increased inequality for learners, and resulted in unprecedented challenges for educators. These events ­­— coupled with a new reckoning with America’s legacy of racism — have challenged education systems to adopt, revise, rescind and reconsider policies of all kinds.

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