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Texas News
Ysleta ISD principals headed to Harvard
Two Ysleta ISD principals will attend summer institutes at the Principals’ Center at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Juan Guzman from Scottsdale Elementary School, and Claudia Poblano from East Point Elementary School, are among the 85 school leaders from across Texas selected as the 2022 cohort of educators to participate.

Attendees will participate in one of two weeklong workshops on leadership development, coaching, or school turnaround led by Harvard faculty and other national and international experts.

Dallas ISD launches safe-at-school app, dozens of reports immediately come in
Anonymous reports are flooding in after the Dallas school district launched a new app to help students feel safer at school.

Between homework, peer pressure, and a global pandemic students are dealing with a lot of stress these days. Dallas ISD Deputy Superintendent Susana Cordova says kids can’t learn if they don’t feel safe. That’s why the district is stepping up its mental health resources.

Last month, the district launched a new anonymous reporting system.

Texas students of color travel to CDC for first Health Equity Exposure Experience
Shaltiy-El Jackson’s lifelong love for science motivated her to pursue medicine. However, the biology freshman said she saw the lack of diversity within the field in her first year of studies.

“Whenever I would do things like shadowing or volunteering, there weren’t people that I could relate to,” Jackson said.

CRT Law Undermines Texas Charter School for Black and Latino Students
At BES, we tell our school founders to expect that their path to authorizing a public charter school will be challenging and rigorous, but it shouldn’t be impossible because of politics. Yet for one San Antonio, Texas, school leader, that is exactly the case. 

An erroneous outcry around critical race theory created more red tape for Akeem Brown, complicating the opening of Essence Preparatory, a school designed to celebrate the Black and brown communities who partnered with Brown to co-create it.

Right-Wingers Gain Ground in Texas School Board Elections
Anti-“critical race theory” crusaders picked up seats in May elections around the state as part of a nationwide movement.

Last weekend’s statewide school board elections calcified two growing trends in Texas education: more money and more ideological dog whistles, as conservative insurgents saw varying levels of success across the state.  

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National News
Conservative parents take aim at library apps meant to expand access to books
Campaigns that started with criticizing school board members and librarians have turned their attention to tech companies such as OverDrive and Epic, which operated for years without drawing much controversy.

E-reader apps that became lifelines for students during the pandemic are now in the crossfire of a culture war raging over books in schools and public libraries.

In several states, apps and the companies that run them have been targeted by conservative parents who have pushed schools and public libraries to shut down their digital programs, which let users download and read books on their smartphones, tablets and laptops. 

‘Don’t be so brown!’ Latinos discriminated by Latinos almost as much as by others, report finds
Mercedes Herrera, a janitor who cleans corporate offices in the Galleria area, was verbally attacked recently by another Latina and it left her “stunned, as if a bucket of cold water had been thrown on me,” she said.

She had been at a rally supporting colleagues who were laid off by another company. She said the janitors were chanting in Spanish when, a Hispanic woman “came right up to me and screamed in my face, ‘pinches Latinos, pinches mugrosos,’” which translates roughly to “damn Latinos, dam scum.”

Major equity gaps persist in access to AP science learning
Study finds Black and Latino students voice interest and college aspirations in STEM but are excluded from AP STEM courses

Despite students saying that STEM courses are their favorite subject areas and that they aspire to go to college, Black and Latino students and students from low-income backgrounds continue to be excluded from crucial learning opportunities available through AP STEM courses, according to a new report from Education Trust and Equity Opportunity Schools, Shut Out: Why Black and Latino Students are Under-Enrolled in AP STEM Courses.

From mental health to social support: 3 ways to help students achieve holistic wellness
How district administrators can lead in collaborative efforts to connect teachers, counselors, social workers and families to positively impact student wellness.

There is a mental health crisis in our schools.

According to a decade-long survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than a third of high school students experienced persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness in 2019, a 40 percent increase in just ten years.

Federal Probe into Native Boarding School Deaths Likely a Severe Undercount
Less than 5% of known facilities account for over 500 child deaths, the Department of Interior’s report revealed

Born and raised on Navajo and Ojibwe reservations, three of endawnis Spears’s four grandparents were among the estimated hundreds of thousands of Native children separated from their families, their tribes and their traditions and forced to attend government-run Indian boarding schools.

A federal Bureau of Indian Affairs officer took Spears’s maternal grandmother at just 6 years old from Arizona to the Albuquerque Indian School in New Mexico. The agency threatened the young girl’s parents with possible jail time if they did not surrender her. 

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