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Texas News
MISD shows success in minimizing COVID impact on academics
District officials saw wins in the academic performance numbers, specifically math numbers in grades 3-6, where Midland ISD outperformed the state in two categories and tied the state in two others. Recent history has shown that while outperforming the region of Region 18, Midland ISD has traditionally fell behind the pace set by districts across the state.  

“We know COVID impacted every district in different ways,” said Diane Martinez, executive director of Research, Evaluation and Innovation. “We already had ground to make up. We wanted the impact to be minimal. If the state dropped and we maintained, there is credit there and we have to commend our teachers and leaders.”

Gregory Portland ISD gets ready to open new middle school this year
The project was part of the district’s $117 million bond package voters approved back in 2015.

District leaders said there’s a lot for students and staff to look forward this year, including the opening of a new middle school campus.

The new school year will also include a pay raise for teachers within the Gregory-Portland Independent School District.

District superintendent, Dr. Michelle Cavazos, sat down with 3News about the final preps underway.

Mesquite ISD launches Facebook group for Spanish-speaking students, families
The district communicates with families and students on multiple platforms. Now, a Spanish-language Facebook community group has been launched.

Mesquite ISD recently launched a new Facebook group completely in Spanish language.

Mesquite ISD en Español provides content related to the district, including events, student achievements and other news, in Spanish language.

San Elizario ISD launching early college program this school year
As most Borderland students get ready for their last weekend of summer vacation, San Elizario Independent School District superintendent Dr. Jeannie Meza-Chavez is getting her teachers and staff ready to get back to work.

Meza-Chavez said she takes her job seriously — because of the personal connection she feels.

“I see the kids and I see myself,” said Meza-Chavez. “When I look at the faces of our parents, I see my parents and it’s important for our community to know that our schools are something to be proud of.”

Photos from the TALAS Organizational Meeting last week
TALAS members met in Lubbock, TX last week for a great evening of dinner, discussion, and networking. Here are some of the photos from the event!
Many thanks to Uplift K12, Informative Solutions, and Staymobile for sponsoring this meeting.
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13 power words you should always include in a cover letter
If you’ve applied for several positions, chances are you have been asked to complete a cover letter with your resume.

There are several classes and strategies to help you craft the perfect resume in the corporate world, but what exactly do employers want in a cover letter? 

This article will help you take your cover letter to the next level. Using power words, you can help your cover letter stand out from the crowd and avoid going into the shred pile.

National News
Amid Historic Federal Windfall, School Leaders Find that Soaring Inflation is Curbing Their Ability to Purchase, Hire and Build
With 28 years in school nutrition behind her, 12 as director of food services in Plymouth-Canton Community School, near Detroit, Kristen Hennessey has meal planning down to a science. She can usually look at a menu, estimate the cost and count on having all the ingredients and supplies ready for preparation.

But now, with chicken and beef prices up, a worldwide shortage of packaging materials and a dearth of long-haul truckers, she’s not as sure what she’ll be serving the district’s 18,000 students this fall. And she won’t be surprised if distributors start adding transportation surcharges “to stop the bleeding on their end” — something she hasn’t seen since the Great Recession.

Prospect of COVID-19 vaccine mandates adds tension in districts
The debate over vaccination requirements is the latest controversy dividing the education community and leaders at all levels of government. It follows other politically charged debates over mask requirements and state and district decisions to reopen schools without remote options. 

In Orange County, Florida, Demings announced nonunion county employees must have both shots by the end of September, and an agreement on mandates for unionized employees such as teachers is pending. Orange County Classroom Teachers Association President Wendy Doromal said she suspects her own association may be divided on vaccination preferences.

Illinois bilingual education teacher elected to NEA’s Executive Committee
In election speech, Gladys Fátima Márquez vows to protect students from unjust systems of oppression that systemically, systematically disenfranchise them

A bilingual education teacher from Frankfort, Ill., was elected to serve on NEA’s Executive Committee, the highest-level governing body that oversees and helps establish policy for the National Education Association, the nation’s largest union with more than 3 million members. Gladys Fátima Márquez, who currently serves as chair of the NEA Hispanic Caucus, was elected by secret ballot by delegates attending NEA’s virtual Representative Assembly for a three-year term that begins September 1.

A push for paid internships in nonprofits, federal government to boost Latino opportunity
“Unpaid internships leave out those students who economically can’t pay their own way — it’s deepening economic inequality,” says Pay Our Interns co-founder Carlos Mark Vera.

Lázaro Bosch is a recent college graduate doing an internship with NASA — an opportunity that wouldn’t have been possible if it didn’t include a paycheck.

“Not only did a paid internship allow me to relocate to D.C., but also not turn down the internship — if I wouldn’t be getting paid, there is no way I would have been able to take it, as I wouldn’t have been able to support myself and my family,” said Bosch, 22, who grew up in Miami and helps his mother financially.

Using critical race theory to understand the backlash against it
Debates about whether critical race theory is taught in schools miss a larger point

“When the devil is at your front door” is a popular idiom used in many Black communities to warn against waiting till it’s too late to worry about a problem. We take this idiom seriously amid the current moral panic over critical race theory.  

The devil is at our front door right now. In this age of disinformation, at a moment when critical race theory has been falsely framed as hate-mongering aimed to castigate white people and banned in schools, we must set the record straight.

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