About Us

TALAS is the premier organization in advocacy for the growth and advancement of Latino learners and leaders in Texas.

In Texas, 53 percent of the school-age children are Latinos, and therefore, addressing the needs of this fastest growing community is vital to our state and national interest. To meet that end, the Texas Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents was created as a statewide association for the identification, recruitment, development and advancement of Latino school administrators in order to improve public education in general for all students with an emphasis on improving the educational and career opportunities of Latino youth.

Despite the fast-rising numbers of Latinos in our society and schools, there are few Latino top administrators in education. With this critical shortage of Latino leadership, the need to come together and advocate has never been greater.

Our Vision

Through the advocacy of TALAS all Latino leaders and learners have an equitable and excellent opportunity for growth and advancement.

Through the advocacy of TALAS the expectation gap for Latino leaders and learners is eliminated.

Through the advocacy of TALAS the trajectory for Latino leaders and learners is positively impacted and improved.

Our Mission

TALAS, with an unrelenting commitment to improving learning outcomes for Latino learners, will provide leadership development, collective impact, advocacy, and a proactive voice for Latino and non-Latino leaders who have a passion for serving the fastest growing student population in our state.

Our Strategies


TALAS will maintain a shared vision to positively impact and improve the trajectory for Latino leaders and learners.

TALAS members will strategically come together to become the credible voice and leader in influencing policy and decision making among lawmakers at the local, state, and national levels in issues dealing with Latino leaders and learners.

TALAS will support, engage and partner with those who have a passion for improving outcomes and eliminating the expectation gap of Latino learners.

TALAS will share the success stories of Latino leaders and learners and our organization.

TALAS will grow our membership, awareness and influence.

Leadership Development

TALAS will provide professional learning for current Latino and non-Latino leaders who are passionate about and committed to courageously leading, learning and supporting others.

TALAS will provide professional learning and mentoring opportunities for aspiring Latino and non-Latino leaders to grow in the leadership skills necessary to improve outcomes for Latino learners.

Our Leadership

Stan Paz, Executive Director of TALAS

Stan Paz

Executive Director

Ricardo López, Garland ISD Superintendent

Ricardo López


Xavier de la Torre, Vice President of TALAS

Xavier de la Torre

Vice President

Martha Salazar-Zamora, Tomball ISD Superintendent

Martha Salazar-Zamora

Immediate Past President

Veronica Vijil, Fabens ISD Superintendent

Veronica Vijil


Steven Gutierrez, Tomball ISD Chief Operating Officer

Steven Gutierrez


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